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Patient Safety

Preventing Patient Falls

Patients, family and friends should all be aware that anyone on medication or recovering from surgery or treatment might be subject to falling if proper precautions are not taken.


  1. Use your call light for help.
  2. Wear shoes or socks that have double-sided, nonskid or non-slip bottoms when you are out of bed.
  3. Call for help and wait for the nurse or other nursing staff if you feel weak or dizzy when you need to get up.
  4. In the bathroom, use the pull cord and wait for the nurse or other nursing staff if you feel weak or need help.
  5. Tell the nursing staff about any spills on the floor, anything that blocks the walking area or broken furniture.
  6. If you are connected to tubes, ask the nurse or other nursing staff for help to get out of bed.
  7. Ask the staff or your family and friends to make sure the bed table, call light and phone are close to you.
  8. Do not lean on the bedside table – it will roll.
  9. Family and friends may be asked to stay with you or the hospital may have a sitter in the room, if needed, for your safety.

Family and Friends

Some people become confused in the hospital, even if they were not confused at home. If you notice periods of confusion or changes in the patient, please tell the nurse or charge person.

Confusion may be caused by:

• A change from the usual place
• A change in the people around them
• A change in routine
• The person’s illness or medications

Following just a few simple precautions can prevent falls in the hospital.