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The Celebration of Life… Deserves a Celebratory Dinner!

The Celebration of Life… Deserves a Celebratory Dinner!

Complimentary gourmet meals offered to new parents
February 4, 2009 (Ormond Beach, FL) --

Sautéed chicken breast with mushroom and rosemary demi glace is the lunch special. No, it's not a special meeting for the city's power brokers – it's a celebratory meal for new parents at Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial.

Since January 6, 2009, new parents have been offered the opportunity to select a prepared meal from a specially designed menu at no extra charge.

“We want our patients to feel like guests and offer them something a little more personal, something that says we care,” said Becky Vernon, RN, BirthCare Center director. “In just the first week, we prepared 26 special meals, and the nurses are hearing how much the couples loved them.”

For one meal – most couples choose the night before they go home – they can select entrees ranging from filet mignon to pan seared salmon to classic three cheese pasta, with side dishes like baby green-topped carrots and fresh asparagus.

Chefs from the hospital’s Cornerstone Café prepare the meals, which are served in the patient's room hotel-style on a table set with linen, fine china, and a chilled bottle of sparkling cider. The chefs enjoy the opportunity to showcase their culinary talents.  “We are busy throughout the day, preparing very restrictive diets for many of our patients,” said Todd Owens, manager of Food and Nutritional Services. “It’s nice to be able to be creative with our celebratory meals and also be part of a very special time in a new mom and dad’s life.”

“The meals just add to the pleasant memories of having a baby,” noted Vernon. “And it could be the final uninterrupted, adults-only meal the couple has for the next 18 years.”