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Nurse major deployed to Iraq


Army Reserve Nurse Corps Maj. Randall Mitchell, 53,  and the Director of Emergency departments for Florida Hospital Oceanside and Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial has recently been deployed to Iraq.

When his unit was notified that they would be deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, Randy sat down with his family to talk about the news.  Their reaction was bittersweet. "They were happy for me that I could go take care of the injured soldiers but very sad that I would be away and in a combat zone," said Randy.

This is not Randy's first deployment to Iraq--his unit has gone through this once before--but it is the first time they've been deployed to a combat zone. Being an emergency nurse with 20 years experience, Randy  will be in charge of the emergency room in his deployment area,  treating the injured soldiers upon arrival. "I feel very honored and privileged to go treat the injured soldiers. I hate to see the young soldiers injured but want to do my part in giving the best care possible so they can recover and have a good life. "

Randy joined the reserves in 1987.  His father served in the Navy in World War II, which caused Randy to always have the itch to serve his country. Randy joined the reserves during nursing school, utilizing the GI Bill. During his summer training he traveled  to Panama, Honduras, Suriname and Germany. In 2002, he  was deployed to Wurzburg, Germany, for eight months in support of Operation Joint Guardian. His regular reserves assignment is Combat Support Hospital in Jacksonville.

Randy was born and raised in El Dorado, Kan., but but married a wonderful lady from Florida and the two of them moved to Florida the first time in 1989. They returned to Kansas in 1998 but returned back to Florida  1/ years ago to be closer to his wife's mother and get away from the cold winters in Kansas.  

Please keep Randy Mitchell and his unit in your prayers.