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Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center To Open Region’s Most Advanced Endovascular/ Hybrid Operating Room

When Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center opens in July, cardiovascular and endovascular surgeons will have access to a new high-tech operating room (OR) for performing a broad range of minimally invasive and open procedures that integrates digital imaging diagnostics, radiological, catheterization and surgical capabilities in one suite instead of treatment in various hospital areas. 



Known as an Endovascular/Hybrid OR, the suite uses the latest in user friendly electronic control systems to seamlessly integrate devices and environmental components of the OR, including overhead mounting systems, lighting, operating room table, endoscopic equipment, cameras, image capture systems and information networks. For the first time, the suite brings all these technologies under the direct control of the surgical team. For patients this means they will spend less time in surgery and the hospital, and recover with less pain and complications, returning more quickly to an improved healthier lifestyle.


“Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center is committed to providing our community with access to the latest medical breakthroughs and innovations. Technology in our Endovascular/Hybrid OR allows us to enhance our surgical capabilities, in keeping with our commitment to patient-centered care,” said Ronald Jimenez, MD, chief medical officer.


Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center is the first medical center in the region to develop a fully integrated endovascular surgery suite employing these technologies. The suite was designed in partnership with Siemens and Stryker, along with input from many physicians who practice at the hospital.


“This suite allows us to integrate diagnosis and treatment in a ‘disease-based’ rather than ‘specialty-based’ fashion. Instead of taking fluoroscopic images in the lab and then scheduling an appropriate surgery, we will be able to handle both of these steps at one time and in one place, so our patients have a ‘one episode’ therapeutic experience,” said Hamp Johnson, MD, a thoracic/vascular surgeon.


Common surgeries and procedures that will be performed include minimally invasive cardiac surgical procedures, thoracic aneurysm stent graphs, diagnostic and therapeutic percutaneous vascular procedures, abdominal aneurysm stent grafts and combined open and endovascular procedures.




Learn more about the new Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center by visiting yournewhospital.org and don’t miss our community “sneak peek” event

Sunday, June 14, 2-7 pm.