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Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Honors EVAC during National EMS week
ORANGE CITY, FL—May 17, 2010 — ORANGE CITY, FL— In response to National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week, May 16 – 22, Florida Hospital Fish Memorial’s Emergency Department will honor their partnership with local ambulance company, EVAC. Though EMS providers include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, first responders, fire fighters and police, Florida Hospital is honoring EVAC because of their collaboration and efforts to improve patient care from the time they arrive on scene to the moment they enter the Emergency Room.
“We have a great relationship with EVAC,” says Emergency Department Director John Lazarus. “Not only do they provide excellent service to the community, but to the hospital as well. They have partnered with us in helping improve processes that result in more efficient and effective care for our patients, and we just want to say thank you.”

For example, EVAC has implemented pre-hospital EKG tests for patients who show signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Test results are then electronically transmitted to the Emergency Department where they are immediately reviewed by a physician. As an accredited Chest Pain Center, this helps to reduce the time that it takes to receive treatment, and to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment.

Florida Hospital Fish Memorial’s Emergency Department will be stocked with food and other small gifts throughout the week for the EMS staff as they come in the hospital on transports. Then, on Wednesday, May 19th, hospital administrators will host a luncheon and present EVAC with a plaque of appreciation for the service they provide to both the hospital and community.