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Florida Hospital Closes Deal with Bert Fish Medical Center


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Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler Division
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Florida Hospital Closes Deal with Bert Fish Medical Center

NEW SMYRNA BEACH – Officials of Bert Fish Medical Center and Florida Hospital finalized
the agreement to officially join Florida Hospital. The agreement is a lease arrangement with
an option to buy in five years and projects a 15 percent tax reduction for residents in the
first year.

"The Board of Bert Fish, along with our employees and medical staff, are excited for the
future with Florida Hospital," said Bob Williams, CEO of Bert Fish Medical Center. "And we
are pleased to see this agreement come to fruition."

Areas of expected focus include the facility’s cancer center, various capital improvement
projects, and an analysis of specific health care services still needed within the community.

The agreement provides several benefits to Bert Fish Medical Center and SE Volusia
residents by reducing taxes for residents and infusing the facility with funds for capital
and service improvements, as well as loan repayment.

Amidst this new venture, Bert Fish Medical Center remains patient-centered when providing
its care, a culture that goes hand-in-hand with Florida Hospital’s deep commitment to the
communities  it serves and dedication to both disease education and prevention.

“We’re committed to the SE Volusia community and believe this will be a great partnership,
”said Michael Schultz, president and CEO, Adventist Health System Florida Region.
“Our priority is to enhance the continuum of care available to residents and will continue
to collaborate with the board, focusing our energies on the areas of greatest impact.”

“Our organization follows through on our commitments,” said Daryl Tol, Volusia/Flagler
Market CEO. “If you review our history in Volusia and Flagler counties, you’ll see a track
record of focused stewardship, from the openings of the Florida Hospital Flagler campus
and Memorial Medical Center, and now our partnership with Bert Fish.”

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